Orchestra Conducting

In rehearsals I care about effective and goal-oriented work. It’s very important to me to improve continuously a high quality and richly varied orchestral sound. I value accuracy and attention to detail without losing the overall conception of a project and offer helpful advices, exercises and goals to achieve an authentic, pure and true-to-style result. Due to my wide range of experience in various orchestral styles I focus on the typical sound character of the particular project.

I always strive to support and promote orchestras competently and professionally with my positive, open-minded approach and my pedagogical skills. The friendly and respectful treatment of the musicians is also very important to me. My creative, fresh but authentic interpretations of the works testify to a solid analysis of the musical material and intensive studies of important sources from the respective period of time.

Education in Orchestral Conducting, graduated from Lucerne University of Music and Latvian Academy of Music (Riga) under Howard Arman, Franz Schaffner and Andris Vecumnieks. Participation as an active student in master classes with Colin Metters (Berlin Sinfonietta), Douglas Bostock (Argovia philharmonic) and Georg Christoph Sandmann (Oper in Starnberg) complete my educational profile.

Feedback on the musical work in the field of orchestra conducting:

  • “Your enthusiastic commitment, which we feel any time, can motivate and inspire the orchestra to perform very well. Experienced in technical and musical fields, you lead the instrumentalists through sophisticated pieces. The oral instructions are clear, solid and testify to intensive preparation.”
    — Matthias, Orchester Kriens-Horw
  • “I like how you work on details without losing the context of a musical piece. Your professional background and your pedagogical way to work are evidence of your competence as a musical director.“
    — Anita, Orchester Kriens-Horw
  • “Monday evening is always a highlight. You manage the rehearsals in a motivating, interesting and disciplined way without any pressure. With your enthusiasm, your happiness but also with your big expertise, we never lose the pleasure to play music.“
    — Kathrin, Orchester Kriens-Horw

Currently, I conduct the orchestra of the Kantonsschule Frauenfeld.

To work as a guest conductor and other projects, I’m always open and interested.
For direct enquiries please contact via the contact page.